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The Mathematics Department of Ramgarh College is proud to be the inheritors of a glorious heritage.He has been a constant source of inspiration as well as the driving force behind this Department for nearly five decades. Generations of students and teachers have enjoyed the warmth of his loving care and benefited from the erudition of this apostle of Mathematics.Through a diversity of undergraduate and graduate courses, we offer our students a first-rate mathematics education that challenges them to become critical thinkers, prepares them for exciting careers and inspires them to be the creative problem-solvers of tomorrow.We help our students become critical thinkers and creative problem solvers and to prepare them for careers in exciting and rapidly expanding fields. Our young, ambitious department has a well-developed Mathematics Learning Center to provide students with any additional support needed to succeed. Our department also stages a wide range of extracurricular seminars to encourage and stimulate students to expand and develop their mathematics skills and interests.Many of our students choose to major in mathematics. However, for those students who are simply looking to develop a strong math background to supplement a different major, we offer very popular minors in actuarial mathematics and in applied and computational mathematics.